Escorts by Lola Martí and business, the perfect combination. by lolamarti

We are leaving the summer behind and our rhythm is changing. A new cycle is imposed with force. From work to home and from home to work. Each time the office hours get longer, more phone calls and more stress. However, there is a way to break everything is routine, throw it out the window and let you take. With our escorts from Lola Martí agency you can be yourself and release all the accumulated tension. You will count the hours to see them again and best of all: no commitment, no explanations and no bitter moments of relationships. Bring the good. Take an escort.
We know that sometimes work and responsibilities prevent us from enjoying free time and that business meetings can become boring. That is why many businessmen prefer to be accompanied by beautiful women who combine elegance and discretion; able to speak fluently in several languages ​​and to engage in conversations about politics, economics or sports. But it is not enough to be accompanied, complicity with your “ couple ”, interact with other guests and know how to be in each situation, is the key to success in a business meeting. With our escort agency Lola Martí, you get the ultimate weapon: Intelligence and beauty.
After a long day of negotiations and business moments, the best of the night arrives. When you retire to the hotel room.
It’s time to let go of the truth and to surrender to your charms. She will be for you and for you.
Sometimes the passage of time or lack of experience may be the biggest inhibitors of pleasure, but next to one of our escorts, you will have nothing to fear. Let yourself be conquered and rise to the beat of your partner.
Sex is not just limited to the momentary act. Stop in the preliminaries, they will be like discovering a new world. Because let’s face it, no one is incomparable to her and no one can make her enjoy it as much as she does. At your side you will explore any path of pleasure, with curiosity and without prejudice. Because no one in this room will judge you.
Innovate will be one of the best options of the night. Explore from other angles what excites you or excites you. If you enjoy together, everything will flow more naturally and you will discover each other.
Combine innovation in sex with that which gives you the most pleasure to be able to reach orgasm without seeing this sexual training as an obligation. Your desires will increase, yours will also and will best be able to satisfy you together.
When you are reaching the climax, in both cases the heart rate will accelerate and the blood vessels will dilate. Physical pleasure results in the secretion of endorphins, a substance that brings a sense of relaxation and well-being.
Can you ask for more? Of course, ask us anything you want.

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Innovate in bed, or wherever it arises. by lolamarti

In the escort agency of Lola Martí we know that sex is incredible, but it is clear that you still have much to discover on our side. Besides giving you unparalleled sensations, it has great benefits for your health. Sex can be very enjoyable and fun but sometimes you do not devote the time you deserve. Neglecting your sex life with cheap excuses like tiredness or lack of time. With our escorts, there is no monotony and believe us, you want to take time from wherever.

It’s time to break the routine and discover that sex is much more than a few minutes of pleasure, sometimes limited, boring and without emotion. Discover that sex is excitement and spontaneity. With who better than with our escorts? They are elegant as well as exciting and novel that can lead you to unexpected pleasures.

We know that sometimes the routine does not allow you to enjoy life as much as you want, but the time to start looking for yourself and turn your little free time into an oasis. Real holidays are only a few times a year, but you can have sex like you’ve had on your vacation every day. Take away everything that reminds you of your routine, reserve the best hotel room, a good bottle of champagne and choose your escorts from the Lola Martí agency. She will break all your schemes, clocks and calendars. Only the two exist, and pleasure is assured.

Sometimes sharing fantasies may sound fantastic in theory, but in practice it can be tricky. Do not worry, our girls are willing to please you in every way. Tell her your most hidden fantasies and ask her what are yours. What better than to realize your sexual desires reality? Break the barriers of a sad missionary in bed and begin to discover that a house or a room are very large, and that even the corner that you least expect is your best ally.

Open the windows of the room, enjoy the breeze on your skin and admire the spectacular body of your companion. Getting your neighbors to hear your groans and panting can be incredibly exciting.

If you feel like it, you can massage each other, although it is not directly related to sex, paves the way for a long night of round-trip games, the best aperitif for the main act is that you know your bodies in depth. Are you ready for her to make you see the stars?

Once you try to hang out with one of our luxury escorts, nothing will ever be the same again. Never before has been so easy to fulfill your sexual fantasies and climaxes with a woman who all turn in passing, this time will go out of your hand and your only desire will be to please you alone.

Can you ask for more? Of course yes. Ask for anything you want.

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Overcome your post-vacation depression with an escort by Lola Martí. by lolamarti

It’s inevitable that despite having enjoyed a well deserved vacation, we need an apotheosic final shot. The family and the fast pace of travel make it also require a little time and space for you before returning to the stressful work routine. And the best plan, is to enjoy a beautiful escort agency Lola Martí.
She will know how to make you enjoy the end of your vacation and finally get back to work without post-vacation depression.

We propose relaxed plans with an explosive ending. You deserve to relax and let go. Our escorts know how to please you.

To start the day, you can take the swimsuits and go to share an experience in the best spa in the city. The warm waters and aromas create a relationship of intimacy that you would not want to share with anyone but her. Of course, it goes without saying that you will be the envy of the place, with the spectacular body that our escorts, and more with a small wet suit.

Afterwards, a massage to culminate the relaxation in the spa will be the most successful. But … what do you think if the massage gives it to her? You can check the agility and knowledge of satisfaction that our luxury escorts have. He will know how to please you as far as you can not imagine. Take the opportunity to talk and tell you how and where you like to be caressed. Surely the massage ends up uniting more, this will be very beneficial to better understand you later. If you are encouraged, you can also offer a massage to her and surprise her with your gifts.

When it comes to eating, choosing a good restaurant is crucial. She will show her elegance and know how to be, you will not be able to avoid it, all men will be envious. Not only will your curves be the culprits of wanting to share more time by your side, but also your intelligence and fluid conversation. Since all the escorts of the Lola Martí agency have studies and languages ​​so that they are always up to the circumstances.

Possibly, after the meal you want to take a walk along the beach and enjoy the rays of sun, accompanied by a good bottle of champagne. We know that everything flows better after a toast.

Do you already have the best hotel in the city? It will be where possibly, more time passes. So look for a comfortable room. With jacuzzi? Even better. Surely you can think of a number of things to do inside the room. But if your mind is still on vacation and you can not think of anything, we give you some ideas so that the fun does not end.

Preliminaries is an almost obligatory stop before moving on to true action. Candles and music can be your best ally.

It begins with kisses, timid or sensual, by the neck, the ear … and then Let everything else come!

It continues with the hands, there are areas especially sensitive to the caresses and the frictions … Discover your are yours and make you enjoy. I’m sure she’ll make it up to you.

If you want to finish in the most exciting way, get out of bed, innovate and discover all the corners of the wonderful room. The bathtub or Jacuzzi is ideal to fulfill what you have been wanting all summer. Make an escort of the agency of Lola Martí tremble, and of course, that she makes you tremble.

This is the best way to end the summer. Or maybe the beginning of autumn. Do not you think?

Can you ask for more? Of course yes. Ask for anything you want.

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Temperatures rise by lolamarti

The thermometers go up without stopping and feel like spending the days in warmer places but with a good beach, and above all, good company. The sea, its festivals, its magical nights, its enchanting landscapes and a number of moments to not forget.
Do you still have no fate to escape the routine with one of our beautiful and elegant escorts? We propose some, but in reality, what matters is the company.

At this time Ibiza begins to come alive, the best restaurants open for the enjoyment of exquisite palates in search of giving them a unique night. The best hotels on the island offer unforgettable experiences. Scandal pools, Jacuzzis, paradisiac beaches … With who better than with the beautiful escorts of the Lola Martí agency? It will stand out for its innate beauty, its elegance, knowing how to be and above all, for the desire to make you feel great.
To all that personal glamor that the ladies of company of the agency of Lola Martin in Ibiza detach have to add the own style of the island. As you well know, Ibiza has a strong personality and a strong magnetism that makes its inhabitants have a special touch.
An island with charm, an environment that transforms everything and makes it brighter, fresher, freer, better. In Ibiza you are far from the bonds of the cornership imposed by everyday life. Dedicate yourself to relax, because you enjoy and we take care of ourselves.

Formentera has become the fashionable island for people with taste and lots of class. An island full of plans and places to discover.
Do you fancy a romantic horseback ride on the beach? Formentera is waiting for people like you accompanied by a luxury escorts agency Lola Martí to give them memorable moments. In island of the thousand and one plan, with the best beaches of Spain, you will be the envy of all the coves to be taken of his hand.
We are sure that with it you will not get bored, but if you like, you can dive through the most paradisiacal beaches of the whole Mediterranean and then tan and relax with a good mojito. Once relaxed, the important thing is to unleash the imagination and enjoy the room.
A luxury escort, the ideal company on an elite island. During the summer months Formentera becomes a escaparte. You can attend their numerous private parties, which are the ideal place to show off brown skin, an unpolluted look and an attractive yet elegant woman in your hand.
The escort agency Lola Martí is a sure bet to go well accompanied to any of these events. By hiring it you know that you will take to your side someone of an incredible magnetism, with style, languages ​​and much charm.
Best of all, the plans we propose do not end there. As you well know, the best parties come later in the hotel room. With a view to the sea, a bottle of champagne, jacuzzi … How to forget such a magical night? Fulfill each and every one of your desires. It will be the best vacation.

Can you ask for more? Of course yes. Ask for anything you want

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