Escorts by Lola Martí and business, the perfect combination.

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We are leaving the summer behind and our rhythm is changing. A new cycle is imposed with force. From work to home and from home to work. Each time the office hours get longer, more phone calls and more stress. However, there is a way to break everything is routine, throw it out the window and let you take. With our escorts from Lola Martí agency you can be yourself and release all the accumulated tension. You will count the hours to see them again and best of all: no commitment, no explanations and no bitter moments of relationships. Bring the good. Take an escort.
We know that sometimes work and responsibilities prevent us from enjoying free time and that business meetings can become boring. That is why many businessmen prefer to be accompanied by beautiful women who combine elegance and discretion; able to speak fluently in several languages ​​and to engage in conversations about politics, economics or sports. But it is not enough to be accompanied, complicity with your “ couple ”, interact with other guests and know how to be in each situation, is the key to success in a business meeting. With our escort agency Lola Martí, you get the ultimate weapon: Intelligence and beauty.
After a long day of negotiations and business moments, the best of the night arrives. When you retire to the hotel room.
It’s time to let go of the truth and to surrender to your charms. She will be for you and for you.
Sometimes the passage of time or lack of experience may be the biggest inhibitors of pleasure, but next to one of our escorts, you will have nothing to fear. Let yourself be conquered and rise to the beat of your partner.
Sex is not just limited to the momentary act. Stop in the preliminaries, they will be like discovering a new world. Because let’s face it, no one is incomparable to her and no one can make her enjoy it as much as she does. At your side you will explore any path of pleasure, with curiosity and without prejudice. Because no one in this room will judge you.
Innovate will be one of the best options of the night. Explore from other angles what excites you or excites you. If you enjoy together, everything will flow more naturally and you will discover each other.
Combine innovation in sex with that which gives you the most pleasure to be able to reach orgasm without seeing this sexual training as an obligation. Your desires will increase, yours will also and will best be able to satisfy you together.
When you are reaching the climax, in both cases the heart rate will accelerate and the blood vessels will dilate. Physical pleasure results in the secretion of endorphins, a substance that brings a sense of relaxation and well-being.
Can you ask for more? Of course, ask us anything you want.

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